VR Classroom

The 1st VR Classroom Experience

On June 1st, 2017, we had the privilege of participating in the first-of-its-kind VR Classroom experience during the World Science Festival. The event was realized by Abelana VR Productions.

Through the use of HTC Vive headsets, we were able to join the classroom, located conveniently, wait for it, in outer space! Prof. Brian Greene was our teacher and delivered an interactive lecture on String Theory, all of it Live. During the presentation, the audience was able to ask questions and interact with the virtual objects (tesseracts among other things!) in the virtual classroom.

We had a blast participating and a sneak preview of what education in the future will look like! We can’t wait to see more.

Video footage by BeVirtual Arcade Gent:

The event was hosted and produced by Abelana VR:


Andrei Stefan

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