Tales of Glory

Master your body movement, exercise your sword handling, learn to aim the longbow, develop your own fighting style and overcome your enemies while experiencing the chaos of melee fighting inside a big crowd.
Choose between more than 20 weapons (swords, daggers, polearms, maces, flail, bows) or use your very own fists.
Saddle your horse, crush enemy lines by powerful cavalry attacks and look down on your opposers as your axe seperates their heads from the bodies.

Participate in huge battles with far over 100 NPCs on 20 beautifully created battlefields. Raid the coast, defend you castle and defeat your enemies, again and again.
The game’s randomization system allows you to get a different fight every time you start the level and realistic physics + ragdolling ensure an overwhelming fighting experience.
In addition, a physically based damage system converts the strength of your actual hits to the damage you deal in game while the lag system makes you also perceive the weight of the weapon while playing.
But whatever situation you find yourself in, your devoted ones will always follow your command in the certainty that you will show them the way to victory.