Virtual Experiences

Come see the future through virtual reality! All our units have a high-end PC, a headset, two controllers and room space available for you to explore virtual worlds.
Careful: you might not want to come back to reality!

30 minutes __________ 45 LEI

60 minutes __________ 90 LEI/ 75 LEI (-16%)

Group experiences

Do you want to bring a larger group?

Our location is perfect for a day out. Food and drinks are available at Fabrica pub while we offer you the best equipment & experiences for exploring and having fun.

Rent the studio for 1 hour __________360 LEI/ 300 LEI (-16%)

Optional Addon: Oculus GO Experiences – 25 LEI/headset

Weektime 3+1 OFFER Wednesday to Friday____________225 LEI

AC: Escape The Lost Pyramid

Escape The Lost Pyramid is an escape game set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins. In a team of 2 or  4, you will experience a larger-than-life collaborative adventure in virtual reality that would be far too dangerous or just impossible to live in real life.

BONUS: If you and your team complete the puzzles in time, you will also be able to enjoy our other experiences up to 1h of play time!

Passes – 2/4 Players

Price: 85 Lei/Player

Give the gift of VR

Do you want to offer this amazing experience to your friends or family?

Nothing easier, buy one of our gift vouchers. Guaranteed to make an impression.

Voucher Cadou – 30 minutes __________ 45 LEI

Voucher Cadou – 60 minutes __________ 90 LEI/ 75 LEI (-16%)