All our birthday packages include:

  • 6 VR Premium playing stations with 50+ games available.

  • One Playstation 4 for two with games included.

  • 4 Oculus GO/VR Cinema headsets.

  • 1 VR simulator station (driving/racing)

  • The birthdaygirl/boy receives a complimentary VR Premium Gateway VR gift voucher.

  • All guests receive a 20% discount voucher at Gateway VR.

Availble on request: catering services.

Important information:

  • A minimum of 6 players is required.

  • A maximum of 18 players at a time is available.

  • Guests are required to arrive 15 minutes ahead of booked time in order to receive playing instructions.

Anniversary base package

1h of VR Gaming

6-12 guests.

590 lei

Anniversary Premium Package

1h30min of VR Gaming

6-12 guests

1 soda/guest

885 lei

Anniversary Premium + Package

2h of VR Gaming

6-18 guests.

1 soda/guest

1180 lei

Birthdays, we know, when it comes to them we are all vain. We want our party to be the best. The most successful and the most interesting. And yet, sometimes we think about it so…conventionally. It’s the moment to change focus and look towards the future. Offer your loved ones a unique experience, that everyone will appreciate, no matter the age bracket. Castle sieges, fantastic universes where you can get lost, post-apocalyptical worlds that needs defending from unknown and unseen enemies, suspense and heightened tensions. You can have them all and more just be having your party at our place.

At Gateway VR Studio you have a generous VR play space with seven HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets- ultra-performance PC and carefully curated apps so you can have the best party. But we also offer the safety net so you can just go with the flow. This is just because the game plays more with your mind than you play with it.

Children are happiest when meeting technology, so why not offer them the possibility of immersing as much as possible in the games they love?Virtual reality games fascinate them not just because they take them into a new world but because they require more attention and full body coordination in order to get to the next level. It’s the best way to play and learn at the same time. And more headsets means more team work and even more enthusiasm.

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