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REACH VR uses virtual reality technology (on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) to teach children across a range of subjects, enabling them to reach their full potential.  ‘Reach’ courses consist of four 1h lessons at Gateway VR Studio, Bucharest on consecutive Saturday mornings.  They are aimed at students aged 8-16 years and delivered by a certified international teacher with technical support staff from Gateway. Instruction and VR content will be delivered in English, so a basic command of the language would be very helpful, although Romanian assistance will be available if and when required. Each lesson consists of an introduction to provide context and technical training, the main activity in Virtual Reality and a discussion and debrief at the end.

Each lesson has a different academic focus but all are designed to develop collaboration and communication skills. Traditional learning is not always easy, but in Virtual Reality, you can see, touch and interact with real, abstract and impossible things.  By doing so you increase the likelihood of acquiring new ideas and approaches and get to have huge amounts of fun in the process.  

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Reach VR – Virtual Art – Students will enter the world of virtual painting and will have the opportunity to put their creative skills to use in order to create their own works of art. These will be uploaded to the Poly Online Gallery. The class will be in a restricted format(4 students) so that each student gets the full benefit of 1.5 hours of practice weekly.

Reach VR – Virtual 3D Modelling – In this individual session, students will be able to create their own 3D models through sculpting & modeling techniques all through the use of virtual tools. Google Blocks makes creating 3D models easy, powerful, and fun. 6 simple tools, endless possibilities. The students will be able to create models as simple as a mug and as complex as a spaceship.


Reach VR Series V – Saturdays – 7 July– 28 July – Running Hours: 10:00 – 11:00

Total Spots: 4

Reach VR Series VI – Saturdays – 7 July– 28 July – Running Hours: 11:15 – 12:15

Total Spots: 4

Individual Class – Reach VR – Virtual Art

Individual Class – Reach VR – Virtual 3D Modelling

Participation to individual classes is done through a prior booking in limit of our available places.

Admission fees:

Reach VR – full workshop (4 sessions) 330 LEI / individual sessions: 95 LEI/session


For sign-ups and questions please use:

  • Contact form below
  • +40 0771.156.486 / +40 0735.315.444

Student Benefits/Perks:

  • Access to cutting-edge, interactive virtual reality equipment for the duration of the courses.
  • Certified International Teacher with experience in VR Education.
  • Reduced size class 4-8 children offering a personalized teaching experience for each student.
  • Course – Completion Diploma.
  • Discounts: 20% off with Gateway VR outside of class hours. Valid for 3 months.


Simon Quysner is an experienced teacher from the UK and founder of Bucharest based company VR Voyagers – Specialists in Virtual Reality Education.  For the past 4 years Simon has worked in International Schools here in Romania as a Primary Teacher, and VR Voyagers is now in its second year of providing after-school clubs and curriculum sessions to both private and state schools.    As well as collaborating with Gateway on the ‘Reach VR’ program,  VR Voyagers also works with a number of NGO’s in Romania including Casa Experimentelor and Human Catalyst.



Lesson 1 – Google Earth VR (Geography Focus)

Google Earth VR is one of the most compelling uses of Virtual Reality technology on the market today, allowing students to explore the world from totally new perspectives.  They can stroll the streets of Tokyo, soar over the Grand Canyon, or walk around the Eiffel Tower.  In this lesson students will be challenged to navigate across the globe using their knowledge of countries, continents and oceans; and to compare and contrast different locations.  They will work with a partner to give and receive directions and to describe and record the human and physical geography they find.


Lesson 2 – Tilt Brush (Art and Design Focus)

Tilt Brush, also by Google, is so much more than just a paint program.  After learning the technical basics students will be tasked with producing a collaborative work within Virtual Reality that can then be explored, assessed and critiqued by the whole group.  In Tilt Brush the work is 360 degrees meaning art can be all around.  Students can literally walk into a blank canvas and create a whole new world.  At the end of the session children will be given a link enabling them to access and view their art work from home, that’s if we can convince them to take off their headsets!


Lesson 3 – Historium and Horizon of History (History Focus)

The aim of this lesson is to inspire student’s interest in History by allowing them to travel back in time and experience the cities of Bruges in Belgium and Warsaw in Poland throughout the ages.  They will learn about trade, transport and conflict as they interact with their virtual environment.  By using their own existing knowledge and the real world resources provided they will be asked to make comparisons between modern Europe and their virtual experiences, and to think about what life and landscapes in Romania might have looked like hundreds or thousands of years ago.


Lesson 4 – Gravity Lab and Fantastic Contraptions (Physics and Problem Solving Focus)

In this 2-part session students will need not just their collaboration and communication skills, but a degree of spatial awareness and problem solving ability, to solve a series of puzzles involving real world physics…in Virtual Reality.  Part 1 is Gravity Lab – a series of challenges requiring engineering solutions.  The idea is simply to save the world from floating balls through the use of gravity bending appliances!  Part 2 of the session is dedicated to Fantastic Contraptions.  Students will work together to build a machine capable of transporting a ball along a set path navigating any obstacles along the way.

Individual Lessons – Google Blocks (Virtual 3D Modelling Focus)

In this individual session, students will be able to create their own 3D models through sculpting & modeling techniques all through the use of virtual tools. Google Blocks makes creating 3D models easy, powerful, and fun. 6 simple tools, endless possibilities. The students will be able to create models as simple as a mug and as complex as a spaceship.

Join us and Reach VR


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