Come see the future

Located just a few minutes away from Unirii Square, Gateway VR Studio is your prime location to try virtual reality in Bucharest. We offer HTC Vive and Oculus Rift equipment in a setup that is also suitable for virtual group experiences. Come play at Gateway with your friends, family or colleagues and see the future of entertainment.

Gateway VR Studio lets you rent the equipment for as long as you want. Choose any game or experience from our extensive library of immersive titles. It’s your first visit and you’re not sure what to try out? No problem, our experienced team of VR guides will gladly make recommendations.

The studio is just one of our activities on the table. The Gateway team is prepared to upgrade your event with high-tech immersive media VR & AR solutions. Whether is a private company party where your guests can experience the future of entertainment, a brand activation based on a unique experience memorable to your customers, a birthday party for the ages or a team-build based on fun and immersive virtual collaboration our team is ready with a solution. Contact us for a personalized offer.

Educating children is also one of our passions. Our program, REACH VR uses virtual reality technology to teach children across a range of subjects, enabling them to reach their full potential. Exploring Earth through flight, time travel & visiting ancient cities or playing around with gravity & solving problems are just a few of the amazing activities we have prepared for kids. Lessons have never been so interesting or fun, let’s take bold new steps into the future of education!

What does VR mean?

With the help of virtual reality, anyone can experiment flying, can travel to the Moon or, why not, Mars. Anyone can turn into a superhero or can be a character in a story. Imagination is the only limit. Our studio is the gateway to these fantastic experiences.

What is virtual reality? VR

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that lets you experience a different reality. Through a headset or a pair of VR glasses and a controller, you are taken into a new world, where you can explore, play or experiment new sensations.

What is augmented reality? AR

At first sight it resembles virtual reality, which can also be used through mobile terminals, but these technologies and experiences are completely different. Virtual reality requires immersing into a virtual environment without keeping contact through the senses with the world around one self. On the other hand, augmented reality superimposes 3D objects over real life objects in order to create the sensation that they are right there, in front of your eyes, whilst keeping touch with the real world.

What is mixed reality? MR

Mixed reality has a similar definition to that of augmented reality, but opposed due to the fact that instead of superimposing digital text and images over real reality, this technology tries to create an environment where the user treats objects like they actually exist there. For example, Skype or videos played in the Microsoft HoloLens, but this technology is moving further to 2D screenings where viewers can follow the VR user in the medium the virtual reality program projects.

Can I play in VR even if I'm not really a gamer?

Of course, anyone can experiment in VR. Not all the experiences available on VR systems are games, so you can draw in 3D, watch documentaries or even take on walk on the bottom of the oceans. It’s only up to you what you feel like trying, and our studio features a large variety of experiences where you can choose from.

Can children play in VR?

Of course, virtual reality is an area available for trying for people of any age, but we do recommend it to children above the age of 7, that should be under adult supervision. If you feel like it, you can also bring your grandparents to they can enjoy a truly amazing experience.

What type of headsets do you have?

You can play with the HTC Vive, which, at the moment, has the best technology on the market and the largest number of experiences available, but you can also try the Oculus Rift.

Can I bring my friends?

We recommend it!  Contrary to expectations VR has a very social element to it. There are a number of games available for multiplayer, all you have to do is  book a reservation. If you need more details, our team is ready to help with hands-on advice, always testing the experiences we have available at the studio.

What kind of experiences are available?

We have games for everyone, from shooters, to action games or experiences designed for children. Plus, you can draw in 3D, explore the oceans, Mount Everest or even the Amazonian jungle. Just check our available experiences here.

Can I make a reservation for a larger group?

Of course, but for group reservations it’s best to give us a mail at This way we can help you out in choosing the best time  for you, the games you feel like trying and make sure you have the best experience possible.

Can we have a VR party?

If you want a party where technology is the main attraction, all you have to do is give us a mail at We have a wealth of experience from a large variety of events: corporate parties, private events  & even brand awareness campaigns.

Can I pay by card?

Of course, you can either pay cash or card, and you can find the price list here. If you are already virtual reality fans we have a series of subscriptions and our returning customers have special offers and discounts.

How do I book?

Use our reservations form here, give us a call or mail us at We are open daily, Monday to Friday 14-22, Saturday-Sunday 12-22, and for bank holidays please check our Facebook page for up to date information.

Can anyone play, even if disabled?

VR systems can be used by anyone, as long as head, hands and neck movements are possible. Some games, though, can trigger motion sickness, so if you know you are sensitive please be careful. Our request goes out also towards those with epilepsy since some experiences can trigger a crisis. If you’re wearing glasses, it’s a matter of adaptability since you might or might not need to use them together with the headset.